My name is Monte P. from Olympia, WA. I moved here in Washington State in 1998 from Aiea, Hawaii. I’m a Computer Specialist for Government Agency in Sand Point Way Northeast, Seattle. I started running when I enlisted in the US Army in 1985, then I continue to do short distances thereafter. I completed my first marathon in Seattle 2005 then the illness was diagnosed. It’s called too much Running-Compulsive-Disorder. I’m on my 13th year now and my focus is to run as many as I can. My current total is 597 marathons and ultras as of Septembe 4, 2018.

Why I run a lot of Marathons?

It is my sports and my lifestyle and I think I am addicted to it. It was started as a way to replace my Lawn Tennis addiction, to get off the couch, to get fit and get healthy but it became more like a hobby (OCD). Then I became a member of Marathon Maniacs Club (that runs a lot of marathons) and it feels like family where I belong. The camaraderie is enormous, meeting a lot of new and old friends every race and also meeting a lot of remarkable great people. Now every time I finish a race, it feels like a great sense of accomplishment even if I finished as DFL (in last place). Currently I am still having a great time “FUN” doing it and hope run some more and hope to inspire others. Stay injury free, hope to run few miles with you soon and keep on running and keep on smiling always. You can do it đŸ™‚