Bataan 75th PNW Edition

Free Race: “Bataan 75th Pacific Northwest Group Run”

When:  April 9, 2017, Sunday, Start: 4:00 AM – 8:00 PM (16 Hours)

Distances: 25.5K, 51K, 76.7K and 102K

Where:  47.361561, -122.023875 (directly across Maple Valley Bar & Grill, Bike Masters and Little Caesar Pizza)

Remembering the Bataan Death March: 75th YEAR on April 9, 2017

Here’s the link for Bataan Death March History:

 BDM Brief Summary:

75 years ago the horrific Bataan Death March of Americans and Filipinos POW was held after the fall of Bataan.

On December 22, 1941, the Japanese troops began ground invasion of the capital, Manila, American and Filipino troops retreated to Bataan Peninsula as their last defense and during the withdrawal lost most of their food supplies. And a Japanese blockade precluded the possibility of food resupply. By April 1942, they had been holding out in the jungles of Bataan for three months and were clearly starving and suffering from diseases.

On April 9, 1942, the USAFFE commander Major General King surrendered his forces to the Japanese. The approximately 76,000 troops (64,000 Filipinos & 12,000 Americans) became POW (Prisoner of War). Thus the infamous deadly march began. With no food and limited water and in scorching heat, they took them 4-days to marched ~63 miles to reach the prison camp Camp O’Donnell. Only about 54,000 troops reached the camp. It’s estimated that 18,000 Filipino deaths and 650 American deaths and about 3,000 escaped into the jungle and joined guerilla group.

The conditions within Camp O’Donnell were also brutal and harsh, leading to thousands more POW deaths even within their first few weeks there.

It was not until January 27, 1944 (almost 2 years later), that the U.S. government informed the American public about the brutal Death March. During their imprisonment, the POW’s are talking, telling everyone and hoping that food and medicines are on the way but nothing happened. Even though care packages from families, food & medicines through Red Cross were later found out that’s being mailed and delivered but nothing of them was given to any POW’s.

About my father: He’s a semester away to graduate in college (the first one in our family to college) when the war broke and he was drafted as an enlisted. He’s 25, 5’7”, 160 lbs and muscular built. He’s an amateur boxer and an avid body builder. He got trained as a Combat Engineer and demolition man to blow up bridges. He would have been 100 YO this year. Like I mentioned, he survived the horrifying Death March and got imprisoned there for another 9-months. He got sickened by Malaria and about to die because there’s no medicine and food. During that imprisonment if you’re about to die, you’ll be thrown to a shallow grave yard pit and buried the next day. My Dad was considered dead and so he got thrown in the pit but at night he managed to crawl out and survived. He was merely 65 lbs in weight when he got rescued. He became a successful elementary school teacher for 30 years.

Hi friends,

In memory of my DAD Kelly Aquilino Pascual (one of the Death March Survivor & POW), I am putting a free ultra-running event on Cedar River Trail on April 9, Sunday. It’s a Fat Ass group run and so “No Fees, No Wimps & No Whining”. I will provide food for the aid stations and the first 50 entrants on the list will get a Dog Tag. I know there are a lot of races being held on this weekend but if you’re not signed up on any-races and trying to save $ then you can run with me. And if you already signed up for Lumberjack Endurance Run (50M, 100K, 100M), you can run again my race for a DOUBLE. And so you’re invited to do 1, 2, 3 or 4 loops. I am hoping to complete 4-LOOPS for 63.60 Miles.

Mileage Chart:

  1. 1-out and back = 15.90 Miles (25.5 K with ~150 feet gain)
  2. 2-out and back = 31.80 Miles (51 K with ~300 feet gain)
  3. 2-out and back = 47.70 Miles (76.7 K with ~450 feet gain)
  4. 4-out and back = 63.60 Miles (102 K with ~600 feet gain)

Here’s the course map:

 Course Description:

Start/Finish area is directly across from Maple Valley Bar & Grill. Aid Stations will be provided at start area, at 3.23 mile and at 7.95 mile turn-around. The course is a smooth gravel path from “Cedar to Green River Trail” for 3.23 miles to T-intersection and to continue on to “Cedar River Trail” southbound for 4.72 miles and turn around at the trailhead of Landsburg Park for a total of 7.95 miles. Elevation gain per loop is a very gradual ~150 feet.

Aid Stations:

Aid Station #1: 3.23 miles from start (un-manned), Aid Station #2 (turn-around): 7.95 miles from the start and Team Hammond volunteered to man this station. Thank you Hammond Family (Steve, KellyJo & Lex).


There’s no designated parking. Please carpool & find a safe spot to park. Do not leave any valuables and anything important visible in your car.


We have 4-Porta=Potty (2 at the start and 2 at the turn-around). The 2 at the start will be provided by Bill Barmore, aka HOTROD. The other 2 at the turn-around are located in the park across the street about 600 feet away from aid station.

 To sign-up, please PM me the following:

Email me: or PM me on FB.

Name: ___, E-mail:_, City & State: ___, Gender / Age:___, # of LOOPS:___, Start Time : ___

1 Scott Sebelsky M-55 2:42:00
2  Lori Secrest F-45 3:20:00
3  Christy Hammond F-40 3:24:00
4 Stephanie Jackson F-38 3:43:00
5 Kevin Morimoto M-45 3:44:00
6 Melissa Osborn F-39 3:44:00
7 Kelly Linman F-31 3:46:00
8  Bobbie Sheff F-42 3:48:00
9 Wendy Foster F-51 3:56:00
10  Lisa Seidel F-50 4:06:00
11 Janice Northrup F-53 4:25:00
12 Mihaela Mann F-45 4:37:09
13 Jules Mann M-54 4:37:09
14 Jorge Ferrer M-38 4:38:00
15 Vickey Baker F-71 4:53:55
16 Cathy Fowler F-56 4:53:55
17 Robin Canell F-49 5:43:00
18 Greg Carpenter M-52 5:43:00
1 Shawn Aebi M-55 6:08:00
2 Claudia Hensen F-47 6:31:00
3 David England M-61 7:07:00
4  Leslie Miller F-36 7:24:00
5  Jenny Appel F-43 7:36:00
6  Susie Ro F-46 7:46:00
7 Mike Mahanay M-61 8:17:45
8 Cyndie Merten F-60 8:21:00
9 Deborah Evdemon F-49 9:00:00
10 Rick Haase M-71 9:00:00
11 Patrick Grengs M-51 9:21:00
12 Rich Menzel M-74 9:30:00
1 Shana Tolean F-51 9:41:00
1 Monte Pascual M-56 16:35:00


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